ISSN: 2366-6706

The Journal of the BAV is publishes by the Board  of the BAV (Bundesdeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veränderliche Sterne e.V.). It's a fully peer reviewed express online journal. The journal is located on the BAV-Website

The Board of referees

  • Andreas Barchfeld
  • Ulrich Bastian
  • Klaus Bernhard
  • Udo Reffke
  • Konrad Dennerl
  • Wolfgang Moschner
  • Lienhard Pagel
  • Erik Wischnwski

Incoming articles will be examined by the referees. We accept an article, if more than 75% of the given votes are positive. In case of questions, we'll contact the author via e-mail. We try to publish your article in a time span of 4 weeks.

The BAV JOURNAL allows "Short Notices (SN)":
1. A SN has a maximum of 4 pages. The illustrations may be smaller.
2. It is not numbered separately, it fits into the article series.
3. The SN should refer to a specific variable star, or in justified exceptional cases to a group of variables.
4. The SN will be published with a reduced number of positive votes in a few days, maximum 2 weeks. It can be revoked after complete examination.

Information for Authors

The language of the articles is generally English. The text language may be exceptionally different. The title, the abstract, the description of figures and tables is mandatory in English.

We accept and publish articles in Adobe PDF format. If you send your article as MS Word document, we will convert it to PDF. The format of your article has to comply with the following template:


Please download (right mouse click) this template and use it for preparing your article.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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